Low Carbon Engineering Ltd

Charting a course to a new energy future

We are engineers, scientists, project managers, economists and all problem solvers. Our knowledge, passion and drive give clients an edge in the energy transition.


We began in 2014 at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire. We deployed engineering best practices from the oil & gas industry to support research in low carbon energy systems and deliver innovative energy projects. While cutting our teeth in challenging first-of-its-kind projects, we identified the major pitfalls that lead to failure of promising technical solutions in energy systems. We are now expanding our services to utilise this acquired knowledge to give both novel and proven ideas the best chance of a successful roll-out. Our growth strategy reflects our ambition to serve private, public and social organisations globally, helping our clients deliver the innovative projects that will drive the transition to a low carbon energy future.


Climate change presents an opportunity – not just a risk or a problem – to re-engineer global energy systems into sustainable entities that rely on easily-accessible energy sources. Low Carbon Engineering will deliver the innovative projects that will enable organisations navigate the energy transition and thrive in a new energy future.

Our People

Our people are our most priced assets and their quality is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Through deep technical knowledge, insightful analysis and proven capability, our people provide clear objective and strategic advice, evaluate novel technology, provide innovative designs, deliver high-risk projects and support efficient operations.

Intellectual capital has a strong impact on project outcomes, but in itself is not enough. Therefore, we consciously ensure that our people lead by example, act ethically, foster teamwork and collaboration while delivering service that is reflective of our integrity, in order to make lasting improvements to your performance in changing energy landscape.

Throughout the life circle of your project, we will ensure that you have a single point of contact and one who understands your unique requirements. Plus, our flexible business model draws on a wide network of associates and delivery partners, enabling us to respond to your needs whoever and wherever they are.