Charting a course

to a low carbon energy future

As the world switches to lower emitting energy sources, we deliver solutions that enable organisations navigate this transition and thrive in a new energy future.

Building the energy system of tomorrow

Why we are?

We see climate change as an opportunity – not just a risk or a problem – to re-engineer global energy systems into sustainable entities that rely on easily-accessible energy sources.

How We Help?

We clarify complex and ambiguous energy challenges, then deliver superior solutions that provide an edge in a competitive and increasingly renewable energy future.

we evaluate, design and deliver both novel and proven energy projects

What we do?

We evaluate, design and deliver both novel and proven energy projects, optimise operations of energy systems, and maximise reliability of energy assets throughout their life cycle.

We Offer

Innovative engineering

We’re adept at designing novel processes and delivering inherently risky but innovative projects for early-stage organisations and major corporations.

Project execution

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to projects that ensures a successful outcome, supporting clients from planning right through to delivery and operations.

Technology assessments

We deploy deep technical knowledge and a first principles approach to evaluate project opportunities and novel technologies, to provide a clear and definitive verdict.

Energy market insights

We rely on broad sectoral knowledge to provide exhaustive analysis and astute insights that identify new opportunities and highlight challenges ahead.

Energy use analysis

We perform a systematic assessment of your energy consumption and provide straightforward recommendations on energy efficiency practices and sustainable investments.
Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generation, CO2 Capture, Bioenergy, Renewables, Energy Storage

Insights & Blog


The Future of Oil – The View from December 2017

The oil industry has enjoyed its best 4 months in 2 and a half years, with the price of Brent crude holding steady above $60 per barrel (pb) since the last week of October. Falling global inventory, temporary disruptions and geopolitical risks in the Middle-East have combined to fuel this rally.

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The Future of Oil – The View from June 2017

At the end of May, as OPEC and other oil producers reached an agreement to extend oil production cuts until March 2018, most analysts expected the market to reward the announcement with some form of price rally. This anticipation was reinforced by a minor price recovery that was largely driven by statements in the build-up to the meeting, which strongly hinted at an extension. Surprisingly, the official announcement of the extension triggered a price decline that completely wiped out all the gains enjoyed since the original agreement was announced.

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