Bespoke 7 MW off-grid solar power, Northern Nigeria

Bespoke 7 MW off-grid solar power system for deployment in Northern Nigeria.
Solar PV is now the cheapest source of electricity in many locations, mostly around the equator, with large swaths of Nigeria ripe for PV installations. Solar PV power generation is now an accessible option in Nigeria, with great potential for off-grid and rural applications. October 2017.

Thus, the combination of solar PV, batteries and inverter will constitute a cost-effective alternative to expensive fuel-hungry generators for reliable power. Although a semblance of such a system currently exist in the country, they are poorly designed (poorly sized inverters) with inappropriate components (wrong battery-type) and are generally of poor quality. Implementing a system that addresses these limitations at an accessible price range will be invaluable to residences and SMEs such as small hotels and private hospitals that currently must rely on noisy diesel-guzzling generators for consistent power supply.


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